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Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Sydney was established in 1788 at Sydney cove by Arthur Philip. Sydney is located in the region of New South Wales, Australia.Sydney is oldest, largest and diverse city of Australia. Sydney ranks as top global cities in the world. Sydney was ranked 7th in the Asia and and top 10 livable cities in the world. The main attractions of the Sydney are AMP tower, Opera house, Harbour bridge. Sydney has an average temperature 17 degrees Celsius in winter and 27 degrees Celsius in summer.Sydney has number of beaches like bondi beach, manly beach etc.

Sydney , NSW, Australia.

 1) AMP Tower: 

AMP is also known as Sydney tower. The total cost of construction was $36 million. The tower opened to access for public in 1981.The tower's overall height is 1,014 ft. The tower has maximum capacity of 956 people. To travel from ground floor to tower via three high speed lift within 40 sec.  The tower has revolving restaurant, which rotates 360 degrees.The tower  itself forms westfield centerpoint complex, which has more than 100 shops as well as exhibition and convention center

AMP Tower, Sydney

2) Opera house:

Sydney opera house was opened in 1973. It is most famous and recognizable building in the world. Every year around 7 million tourists visit opera house. There are many performance venues inside the opera house like concert hall, opera theater, drama house, play house, studio, utzone room, forecourt.

Opera House, Sydney

3) Harbour Bridge:

Sydney Harbour bridge is also known as Coat hunger and is world's widest bridge which carries rail, pedestrian traffic between Sydney central  business district and north shore. It is one of the most attraction place in the Australia. On 31st december, fireworks rock the bridge and whole Sydney too.

Harbour Bridge, Sydney 

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