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Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Paris is the capital of France. Paris is famous for its art, culture, fashion, food and design. The river Seine covers the major area of the city. The city ranks as third to explore multicultural events after London, and New York. Paris contains numbers of iconic landmarks like Eiffel Tower, the arc de triomphe, the louvre museum, etc. Paris is the most popular tourist destination in the world with 45 millions visitors annually.
The Paris is unforgettable due to beautiful, sophisticated, romantic, artful, natural attractions, passion of the people.

Paris city 

must watch according to Paris office of tourist statistics

1) Eiffel Tower: 
It is worlds best and recognizable monuments.Around more than 6.2 million visitors visit Eiffel Tower annually.

Eiffel tower

2)  Arc de triomphe:
Around 1.4 million visitors visit annually.

Arc de triomphe

3) Louvre museum: 
It is one of the famous museum in the world. it was established in 1793 and oldest museum in Europe. the museum's most popular piece is Leonardo da vinci's "Mona lisa". Around more than 5.7 million visitors visit museum annually

Louvre museum

.4) Stade de France:
The stade de France is a stadium located in the perisian suburb of Saint-Denis. It has a capacity of 80,000 and it is the fifth largest stadium in Europe. It is used by French national football team and French national rugby team. The stadium also uses for music concerts, and other sporting events like race. It is operated by Consortium Stade de France.

Stade de France


Centre Pompidou: 5.5 millions visitors / year

Sciences at de l'Industrie: 2.5 millions visitors/year

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